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Review - Unbox: Newbie's Adventure

Created on Thursday, 31 August 2017


As far as I can tell this is Prospect Games first release, and I always find it interesting to check out a fresh developer teams first game so I jumped on the opportunity to check out Unbox: Newbie's Adventure. The title in itself really didn't tell me anything but a few gameplay trailers peeked my interest, I mean how many times in your life have you played as a cardboard box? Exactly




How do you feel about boxes? Like cardboard boxes... ever fancy playing as one? Never crossed your mind you say? Well, Unbox: Newbie's Adventure is here and I got to try it out, so lets see if this is a great idea or just a horrible one, but sadly it kind of flips back and forth between the two.




You play as a cardboard box, seeing as the Global Postal Service is in trouble they have decided to create self-delivery cardboard boxes which will, in their mind, cut out the middle man and save money which is true if it wasn’t for the fact that cardboard is a fragile material and if it gets wet it is basically ruined. Or if it is kicked it usually breaks so the plan isn't without its flaws.




However, you are Newbie, a cardboard box that has to prove his or hers worth to the Global Postal Service by going through a whole lot of different tasks which involves staying away from the previously mentioned dangers.

The key to the mechanics of the game is that you can unbox, hence the name, and therefore jump higher and cover more ground or tap the jump button and build speed. You can do this a certain amount of times before you need to heal up to unbox more. It controls as a squared box would which of course means unstable and unpredictable at times.




There are numerous of tasks, and collectables spread across the map and there are different challenges to prevent you from just blasting through and completing and collecting them all like with all platform games. But the problem here is that the controls are somewhat fidgety which makes the experience on tight turns or narrow paths somewhat aggravating and frustrating at times.




There are in all three different maps to explore, with the first one is set to a more relaxed and chilled out scenario with beaches and sunshine, while the second one completely flips that feeling and puts you knee deep in snow. The third level is my personal favourite which was the ruins map. They all look and feel different enough and the overall game has a cute and easy going artstyle.




There is local split screen multiplayer with the ability for four players to play simultaneously which is always a nice addition to me personally seeing as I love having my wife and kids play games with me when I review them. And we did spend numerous hours enjoying the game, I would say the game is a lot more entertaining when played with others but that is more of a personal preference of mine.




Unbox: Newbie's Adventure tries something different, and should be commended for that fact, but it does lack in some part, especially the camera which seemed to get hung up a few too many times for my liking. But the whole deal is saved with the multiplayer option which gave me the ability to go through this experience with my wife and kids present which is always a treat. So check out some gameplay videos of the game if you are unsure what to think but if you have kids in your house this might almost be a safe bet.

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