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Review - Tekken 7

Created on Saturday, 10 June 2017



If you have been around for at least a few years in the gaming industry, either as a writer or just a fan of video games you know there are two fighting games that everyone mentions when asked if they can name some, one is Street Fighter the other, is Tekken. I remember spending way too much time with one specific Tekken game while I was stationed in the Army because all they had was a dusty old Playstation and one game, Tekken 2. But years have passed and here we are ready to explore yet another numbered Tekken game namely Tekken 7.





Not too many people know that Tekken was heavily inspired by Virtua Fighter in the early beginnings and actually was developed as a sort of clone to the Virtua Fighter series. This is hard to fathom now when we are here to review Tekken 7 but having been there from the early beginnings all the way up to this release really goes to show how much this game series has grown from a querky fighting game into a powerful beast of a fighting game that deserves a place among the top fighting game series in the world.




I have never been a fighting game champion, never considered myself as a hardcore fighting game player, never known all the different combos or even had a main character. I just enjoy fighting games for the local coop experience it has brought me since my early days of playing Street Fighter on the SNES. And to this day I enjoy having friends or family beside me while having a go at some coop action fighting games. Tekken 7 fulfills my need but also adds so much more to enjoy for everyone in a similar situation like mine, because you do not need to be a fighting game expert to enjoy Tekken 7 you can just as easily button mash and have a great time.




There are also incredible amounts of unlocks and customization options in Tekken 7 which helps to bring the seriousness of the game down a few notches so that it can easily be enjoyed by people that weren’t previous fighting game fans. And I think that is why I have always enjoyed Tekken, with their crazy and sometimes outlandish modes, like Tekken Ball for example, I mean the idea of this is just incredible weird but that is why I love it so much.




The crazy story mode can easily be enjoyed by anyone seeing as it is so wild that you do not really need no back story to get behind it, however if you feel like exploring the Tekken lore the game also has cut-scenes from the previous games for you to enjoy. New to Tekken 7 is the rage system which gives the player a sort of second chance when his or her health-bar is almost drained. Pull of a Rage attack at the right moment could actually have you going from certain defeat to victory in a few seconds. And added tension to it all is the slowdown when two players are both on low health and go in for the attack at the same time which is absolutely awesome!




Tekken 7 is an amazingly beautiful fighting game, the areas, the cut scenes and the character models looks absolutely stunning. It is one of the most beautiful fighting games ever made, yes I just said that.. The final battle, without spoiling anything, is just incredible to watch and take part in, and this is where the game truly stands out as one of the most, if not the most incredible looking fighting game ever made.




Tekken 7 is fighting for the spot on my game of the year list for 2017, now I do realize this is a bit early to start making arrangements to that list halfway in the year but that just goes to show how good this game really is and how much enjoyment I have been having with it. And not only me but my family, my wife and two kids, has also joined in on the fun which is always an amazing experience for me personally. So to anyone on the fence about jumping into a fighting game Ill say this is the game you want, this is it right here. This is the best fighting game for anyone slightly interested in the genre and Tekken 7 delivers on everything you would ever want from a fighting game and also surprises you with things you might not have known you wanted.

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