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Review - Tales of Berseria

Created on Saturday, 25 February 2017


I love exploring games that I have no previous experiences with, it is like a loot filled chest with everything you always wanted or something you never knew you always wanted, but sometimes that chest grows teeth and starts chasing you and you run away from that chest promising yourself never to return to it. Luckily for me, Tales of Berseria lands in the middle, it is a game I had no idea I would get so into.



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As the game begins you are introduced to Velvet, a young lady who lives at home, in a beautiful and peaceful land, and takes care of her sick brother. But things quickly takes a turn for the worse and this goes from being a peaceful journey to a blood filled revenge story unlike anything I have ever experienced.

The way this transformation happens is the classic story of good vs evil, but in most scenarios like this you turn into a noble hero, but in this case you turn into a straight up, insane, blood-lust filled murderer with one goal in mind, destroy everything to get to that one person and make that person feel exactly like you do. It is one of those stories that you usually grind your teeth while in combat and it builds and builds until that ultimate showdown you have been waiting for the entire game.




The way the game plays with music and surroundings is stunning at times, although this might not be the most graphically impressive game you have ever seen it certainly manages to set the tone and feel of the overall experience beautifully. The way towns go from light to dark, the tiny details in the surroundings mixed with the beautifully crated music had me hooked from the start and didn't let me go until the finish.




Besides being visually and graphically beautiful there are areas to explore beyond the main story path so there is room for exploration in this game also. There are dungeons here but sadly most of them isn't all that interesting to explore graphically but the game is also filled with nice surprises like treasure chests and different materials in which you can use to upgrade your weapons or you can simply sell them.




Sadly though Tales of Berseria doesn't have too much side quests available, at least not all that interesting ones to keep you off the main story for a bit. This isn't a game-breaker or changer but it would be nice to just take some time off murdering everyone and everything and just do some side-quests. Now I am not saying this game doesn't have those, but they are few and really not that interesting at all.




The quick tutorial at the beginning explore the new gameplay mechanics which deals with diamonds, you start off with number of diamonds at the start of a battle which you rack up to unleash in the form a special move, with three diamonds and more the game lets you unleash your inner beast which is always a delight. This just gives the combat that little extra which keeps it from being repetitive and boring, but interesting and actually rather strategic at times.




Tales of Berseria is an interesting game that I almost let pass me but luckily I got the time to play around with this hidden gem, and for anyone interested, this is a great game even though you know nothing of the universe. It is a great revenge story with beautiful imagery and sound to go with it. It is something you at least should check out some gameplay videos of just to get a feel of it and not just brush it off as yet another JRPG because there is so much more lurking within this game.

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