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Review - The Last of Us Remastered

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The Last of Us was one of my favourite games of last year, and when I heard there would be a Remastered version coming for the new consoles I was eager to check it out and once again relive the beautiful story that is The Last of Us.


Review - Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Sunken King DLC


Ah, Dark Souls, how many hours have I spent in this game without getting any progress done? How many times have I read that I have died, again? How difficult and frustrating is it to die a second time when you are trying to do a quick run back to collect your lost XP and know that hours of game time is lost forever? And still I ask for more, and here is my review of Dark Souls 2's first DLC Crown of the Sunken King.


Review - Pure Pool


Since gaming first started the game of pool has been implemented into a lot of games over the years, some good but a lot of them not all that entertaining and rarely do you play a pool game that actually resemblance the real thing, Pure Pool is as close as you'll get to the real thing without the grimy bar stench in the background.


Review - Sniper Elite 3


Sniper Elite quickly became a series of games that would fill the void for sniper shooters and fans of that specific genre since most fps focuses on diversity,and lets face it if you play as a sniper in any fps multiplayer nobody likes you, sorry, but the Sniper Elite series managed to capture a rather large audience with the previous releases and should get alot of fans hooked on this release too. This however is the first Sniper Elite game for the new gen consoles and the developers had some pretty large shoes to fill. Join us as we tackle Sniper Elite 3 for the Playstation 4


Review - Valiant Hearts

Valiant Hearts art

How much do you know about The Great War? Valiant Hearts puts the player into the action and let you take part in the emotional aspect of a war, the different sides and stories of the different countries fighting for their honour, and you smack dab in the middle trying to solve puzzles and yet set things as right as they can be during a war. Valiant Hearts lets you feel the war in a different way


Review - EA Sports UFC


IT'S TIME! It is finally time to see what EA Sports has managed to do with the UFC franchise now that they got complete control over it. Last UFC release was great but one of the biggest gripes about the game series has always been the steep learning curve that it constantly introduces to new comers and therefore makes the game hard for them to get behind, I am glad to say that EA Sports UFC has managed to make this the most approachable UFC game to date, but yes it is still a rough game with a steep learning curve


Review - Blue Estate


The prequel to Viktor Kalvachev's Blue Estate graphic novel first episode comes in form of a on-rails shooter where you use motion controls to play, for the PS4 you use the gyroscope and the Dualshock's touch-pad, and the Kinect Sensor for Xbox One, we played the PS4 version for this review. You can get to re-live the glories days of on-rail shooters, and from a fan of those days I would just like to say that I wish it wasn't an on-rail shooter...


Review - GRID Autosport


GRID Autosport is picking up where GRID 2 left off a short year ago, and it seems as though this is the game where they took all the criticism and just re-released the game the way the fans wanted it to be. It really is the GRID 2 that we wanted when we played it and even though some of you might feel cheated for picking up another GRID game this quickly you will not regret it at this is the game for the fans


Review - One Piece: Unlimited World Red


I sort of panicked when I first realized I would be taking on a game in a series of games that I really didn’t know too much about, all I knew is that it have a huge following and has also seen a numerous set of releases in the past few years, the game and series I am talking about is One Piece, and this is the review for the Unlimited World Red, wish me luck


Review - MotoGP 14

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As with any racing game they usually fall on me to review, as my speciality is that genre, however I play mostly car racing games and when there are a lot of them it tend to get repetitive at times and I notice I nitpick a little too much since I have seen a lot of them, so when I got word that my next review project would be a motorcycle based racing game I felt an excitement for the genre again and was excited to try out Moto GP 14


Review - Murdered: Soul Suspect


Back in 1990 there was a movie that took the world with storm, it was called Ghost. The year is 2014 and we have a game with the basic principles and it is called Murdered Soul Suspect. Well that is not totally true as in my mind the game is a lot more interesting than the movie was but even though the concept is the same, you are killed, turned into a ghost and it is your job to solve the crime as a ghost. This is our not so spooky review of Murdered: Soul Suspect



Review - Watch Dogs


When you first heard of Watch Dogs it seemed like an over ambitious idea that would never see the light of day, however once we got to play Assassin's Creed Black Flag we kind of had hope that Watch Dogs might not be just a fantasy after all and we started to get excited. After a few delays which hit some fans pretty hard it is finally time to hack the streets of Chicago as we review the PS4 version of Watch Dogs


Review - Wolfenstein The New Order


Inglorious Bastards meets Wolfenstein 3D is the best way to quickly wrap-up my experience with Wolfenstein: The New Order. Since I was the one on the team that remembered what it felt like the first time I tried Wolfenstein 3D and how much impact it has had on the genre to this day I was first in line when the review copies was dealt out. And this is how I truly feel about the latest Wolfenstein release


Review - Transistor

transistor header

From the minds of critical indie hit Bastion comes a brand new experience called Transistor. We get to play around with the PS4 version of the game to see if lighting can indeed strike twice for developers Supergiant Games


Review - Worms Battlegrounds


Back in 1995 I was 14 years old, the perfect age to discover a game that took a army of worms, gave them a huge arsenal of real and insane weapons and just put them up against other worm armies, usually your friends playing next to you. This is how I spent most of my free-time when I played games back in the day, by blowing up my friends in Worms. Some years have passed since then but the recipe is still the same, use your worm army to destroy the other worm army, however the recipe is the same Battlegrounds is a new feature for this brand new release of Worms: Battlegrounds that we reviewed for the PS4


Review - Bound By Flame


From the developers of games such as Gray Matter, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, Of Orcs and Men and Mars: War Logs comes a role-playing game called Bound By Flame. A game that the developers claimed to be similar to Mars but by listening to the critics feel they have made a much better product. We are here to put this theory to the test by reviewing Bound By Flame for the Playstation 4


Review - Trials Fusion


Ever since the first Trials game released I have been a fanboy for the series, and ever game released since then have just taken everything that made the previous game and made it so much better so you can imagine my excitement when I got word I would review the PS4 version of the newest Trials game, Welcome to the Future! We review Trials Fusion for the Playstation 4.


Review - Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends CE


Dynasty Warriors, the name itself evokes excitement for a lot of people and judging by the number at the end (and yes this does not indicate the exact amount of DW games released as there are many, many more) it is a well established franchise by now, we get to try out the latest release in the series, Dynasty Warriors 8. Xtreme Legends Complete Edition for the Playstation 4.


Review - inFamous Second Son


InFamous is a game that, even though it isn't the most popular franchise out there it has created enough buzz and a big enough following that it has been able to turn itself into a profitable franchise and Second Son is proof of that, just take a look at the game and you will know what we mean as this is probably the most beautiful “next-gen” or “current-gen” game out there by far, it looks absolutely stunning, but is looks enough to sell you on the game? We get to review the PS4 version of inFamous Second Son.



The game starts off a few years after the good ending of inFamous 2, although you can easily jump into this game without having played through the previous games and puts you in the shoes of Delsin in an living breathing version of Seattle. Delsin's can have multiple powers, starts with smoke power and then generously introduces you to the new powers as you progress. Shards hidden around the city, shards are of course used to buy new abilities once you level up.




Play the game as always, either good or bad play through you choose, save civilians and get good karma, take them out and you get evil/bad karma, although I felt personally that there was little to no reason to play through as evil Delsin, but the option is there if you choose to do so. If you do not kill civilians you, rather stun them etc. you do get away with it without it affecting your overall good or evil play through which is nice as you will get into situations where they can get in the way, but some powers gives you the option to stun them, or just hit them in certain areas of the body to just get them out of your way without actually killing them


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Sadly though not too much of the environment is destructible but there are some areas where you can take down set objects and yes, once again Sly Cooper gets a few, maybe too many, nods within the game as neon signs and graffiti will usually show something from those games, nothing specific just random fun for those who take the time out to spot stuff like that within the environment. The game has a lot of detail and you should just stop doing missions for a short period of time and just head out into the city and explore, once again, the game looks stunning.




Still a lot of different side quests/missions to keep you occupied within the city when you are not doing the campaign or just want a break from it like for example if you take out what is called the D.U.P Mobile Command spread across the city you will get new side missions, blast shards show up on the map and you get new respawn points. The real beauty of the inFamous series is that if you have previously played one of them you feel comfortable immediately when you start playing a new one as it always feels like a inFamous game although enough changes has been made to make it a new game, but as far as the overall controls go this plays and runs like an inFamous game, as it should. The powers are still the main reason I like these games and the powers you get in Second Son are just as fun to play around with and difficult enough to give you some challenge before you master them, and once you do, as with any other inFamous game, you feel like a bad-ass superhero once again.


infamous second son   up power by legan666-d6awg52


However, getting snagged and caught in objects and sometimes buildings, and some pre-set animations made combat a bit tricky at times but the checkpoint system saves this from being too frustrating as the checkpoint system is really forgiving and pretty well balanced. The controller is also used well in my mind, although I am sure some of you will disagree, but the implementations of the touch-screen and the motion sensing and the built in audio made the experience even better in my mind but you can feel that out for yourself as it is more of preferable than anything else.



The question really comes down to if you were a fan of the previous inFamous games or not, if you were then you should definitely try out Second Son as it takes whatever made the previous games good and just implement enough new features and tweaks to make them even better. But if you grew tired of the previous games then you might want to try and rent it before you make up your mind. InFamous Second Son is more of the same only better.

Review - Luftrausers


We as gamers are lucky to live in a world where games like Luftrausers can exist. The only problem is that it needs to live mainly on word-of-mouth as it is a indie game but if you have followed us before you know how we feel about indie games, and Luftrauser is another reason as to why we sometimes love indie games more than any other triple A release and here is why.


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