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Gigantic E3 2015 Gameplay Trailer

Created on Monday, 15 June 2015


Gigantic gets a E3 trailer



· Fight Alongside a Massive Guardian. A mystical bond connects the players to their guardian, a magical behemoth too powerful for a single mortal to defeat. Each guardian has its own attacks and behaviors, and players must protect their guardian to win the battle.
· Level Up on the Fly. As the battle rages, players choose newer, stronger abilities and adapt to the changing battle. One player might learn to deflect projectiles as she rides a lightning bolt into battle, while another gains a fire attack that triggers whenever he leaps into the fray.
· Immersive Third-Person View. You’re part of the action, not floating above it. No flat arenas or straight lanes—you’ll seize the high ground, find a hidden path to flank the enemy, or lure your foes into a trap.
· Fantastic Visual Style. Players are at the heart of a vibrant fantasy world, with a diverse roster of heroes unlike any you’ve seen before.
· Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master. Familiar WASD controls are easy for new players to learn, but rapid-fire tactics and deep strategy keep the challenges fresh.
· Post-Launch Content Promises New Gameplay Experiences. Gigantic is a living game, with frequent content updates ensuring there’s always something new to master.

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